Spice Up Your Summer at RACKS

May 17, 2019

Summer is a time of relaxation and is most cherished by everyone. Don’t let the season pass without creating memorable experiences and having special meals with seasonal flavors that are meant to make your mouth water.

Spice up your summer in all RACKS branches with limited-time offers from now until June 30, 2019. Choose to have your Butterfly Spring Chicken cooked in one of the three special ways: rich flavored Hickory Smoked Spring Chicken, zesty Grilled Lemon Garlic Spring Chicken, or crunchy fried Chimichurri Spring Chicken. For just Php495, you’ll get your preferred chicken plus a side of either Curry Rice or Fried French Green Beans. Quench your thirst during hot summer days, with playful mocktails Very Strawberry, Mellow Watermelon, or Classic Mojito for Php175 each. And what meal is complete without dessert? Finish off with the Ultimate Banana Split dessert, topped with a scoop of any of the season’s featured flavors: Strawberry, Kesong Puti, Pastillas, and Avocado and Vanilla for Php295.

So what are you waiting for? Drop by RACKS before the summer ends and cool off with refreshing drinks and tasty food that will keep you wanting to come back for more. #RACKSTheTasteYouRemember

New items on the menu are available for a limited time from April 5 to June 30, 2019 in all RACKS branches nationwide. For more information and the full list of branches, visit http://www.racks.com.ph, and follow @racksphl on Instagram and Racks Philippines on Facebook.

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Get a Fresh Perspective!

June 22, 2018

This afternoon, I attended the Seattle's Best Coffee event. It was such an artsy afternoon because all the guests were able to design our own tumbler. I love events like this where it's intimate and you actually do something nice. 

But the highlight of the event was the artist Anina Rubio. If you've been to SM Aura and have seen paintings on the wall, that's her work. Anina had a live artwork while we design our own as well. The live artwork was interactive as she let us paint and be a part of the live artwork as well. I've been a frustrated painter since I was a kid but painting was really not for me! Haha! 

Tips for a Fresh Perspective?

  • Look at things with someone else's point of view. Think like a child, an old lady, or whatever you could think of, and all these different ideas will pop in your head.
  • Analyze Things! Look at even the smallest of details you could see. With practice, you'll be able to learn how small things change someone's view.
  • Experiment! Try a new hair color! Try on clothes you've never worn! As long as you keep on trying different things, the more broad your thoughts will get.

Here are some photos from the event.

Why I started using Wireless Earphones + June Music Favorites!

June 04, 2018

I just made the switch to using wireless earphones today, and I am really happy about it! Before, I've always thought using wireless headphones is just the same with using wired earphones, but I was wrong! Here are some of my thoughts!


I never knew this till I started using wireless. With wired earphones, the cable kept getting caught on door handles, or even your hands when you're walking or running that could even cause your earphones to break. And let's not forget how annoying it is when wires are tangled just when your'e about to use it!

After using wireless earphones, I have never felt the freedom compared to using wired earphones. No more wires getting caught, or wires getting tangled, and I can actually move more compared to being chained to a wire.


You could actually look stylish with the modern design that most brands have now. They come in different colors and some are even customizable for that personal touch. The cheapest I've seen ranges from Php 1,000-1,500 and it sounded really good.


I've always thought that wired earphones sounds better than wireless. It's actually true! But, the technology nowadays is getting more advanced that they actually sounds the same or better!

This is the wireless earphones that I'm currently using from JBL! . It's priced at Php1,999

Yesterday - June 4, 2018, JBL Philippines launched their first celebrity endorser which is Gretchen Ho to represent the brand and further strengthen JBL's proposition as hip, fun, and exciting lifestyle audio brand. From being one of the most loved Filipino volleyballs players to becoming a fast-rising host and multimedia personality, Gretchen Ho best represents the brand with her flexible personality and lifestyle.

JBL have products that are tailored for every lifestyle.Fitness fans can expect new sports earphones especially mad for specific sports. Partyphiles can dare to expect JBL speakers to bring music to life with new product designs and features. Lastly, JBL will delight the travel enthusiasts with the future of convenient listening - the wireless audio.

Spotify JUNE PLAYLIST. - and to enjoy your music experience, here are some songs that I'm sure I'll be listening for the month of June!

The First 8K LED TV From Sharp!

May 19, 2018

Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) continuously strives to innovate and provide consumers with World-class quality products that meet the needs and wants of consumers. With this, SPC announces the release of the AQUOS LED 4K and 8K Series, the Super Premium IoT (Internet of things) Inverter Air Conditioner, and the start of its “locally made products” campaign.
Changing the World with 8K and AIoT
This longstanding commitment brings excellence to reality and consistently exceeds the market’s expectation and satisfaction. The company continues to offer something new to Filipino consumers. “Sharp is now promoting ‘Changing the World with 8K and AIoT’ as
we display products equipped with this outstanding technology that we will introduce in the Philippine market this year.” Yoshihiro Hashimoto, Managing Executive Officer of Sharp Corporation explained Sharp’s company direction.
As one of the global leaders in manufacturing of electronics and home appliances, SPC embraces the market competition through understanding the ever-changing consumers’ demands.
8K is a revolutionary technology for ultra-high-definition images with 16 times the resolution of full-HD (1920x1080 pixels). It reproduces images at ultimate reality, with ultra-fine details even the naked eye cannot capture. “As the first step, Sharp released ‘World’s First’ 8K display to the B2C market, last October, which is currently distributed to China, Japan, Taiwan, and European Market.
“Today I am excited to announce the launch of Sharp’s AQUOS 8K LED TV tuned for Asia in the end of year 2018 here in the Philippines to lead the 8K Display Industry” emphasized Toshio Kawata, Deputy General Manager TV System Business Unit of Sharp Corporation.
“Apart from displaying TV broadcasts and other media contents, 8K will dramatically impact many aspects of our lives: medical, business, security, education, transportation and many more.” Kawata elaborated the advantage of 8K technology.
Sharp (Phils.) Corporation Strategy
SPC headed by Kazuo Kito, President and General Manager is confident with the strategy of developing Advance Technology business with 8K and AIoT. SPC is eager to deliver its consumers the thrill of revolutionary technologies of 8K and AIoT, focusing on the need to evolve depending on the trend of technological impulse. SPC is optimistic on taking on the challenge to achieve the target to increase sales in LED TV by 40% this fiscal year with their new product line up. “We’re expanding our LED TV line up which focuses on 4K SMART TV that you can enjoy greatness and experience new technology.” Kito explained.
In addition to the highlight of Advance Technology is the Super Premium IoT Inverter Air Conditioner. This innovation will redefine the way consumers experience cooling. Three outstanding features of Airflow Technology, Super Energy Saving and Smart Control using IoT functions are controlled using iOS and Android devices under Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, J-Tech Inverter technology enables precisely controlled power consumption leading to energy saving and energy-efficient operation. Equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology, it deactivates airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and other contaminants that can be found inside houses. The Super Premium IoT Inverter Air Conditioner combines both convenience and technology for the benefit of consumers.
Over and above the company’s striking technologies, SPC is set to launch a campaign which aims to highlight Philippine-made goods. As SPC manufactures locally made products including LED TV, washing machines, Videoke and electric fans.
The company believes that supporting local will improve the Philippine Economy and will inspire them to double their production. “This activity will contribute to the local firm that will benefit the Filipino family and result to a stronger economy.” commented Kito.

The impressive features in every product are to become game changers to bring overwhelming sterling innovation to enable SPC to rise with superiority within the industry. With such actions, SPC will be working to achieve their target to increase sales by 20% in fiscal 2018 year on year.

The Burger You Should Be Eating NOW!

May 11, 2018

Today, the traffic was really bad because it's Friday. If you live in Manila, Friday is the time where almost all cars are on the road causing so much traffic. Considering the hot weather that the country is experiencing right now, it's a DOUBLE WHAMMY!

My friends and I went to the Mall of Asia today for the opening of the 2nd Fatburger location in the Philippines. I was able to try Fatburger back in Riyadh before when I was in high school. So it's really nostalgic for me seeing it here in Manila.

Just a little side note about Fatburger. It started as a stand in Los Angeles, California and is famous for their cooked-to-order burger and comes with customizable toppings such as lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, onion, and pickle relish. They're also know for their hand-scooped, real ice cream milkshakes available in 4 different flavors, and their made-from-scratch onion rings and fat fries, skinny fries, sweet potato fries, and chili cheese fries.

The world-famous buffalo-style chicken wings of Buffalo’s Express is there to compliment Fatburger’s menu. Bufallos is nostalgic as well because our family used to dine in there few years back in Riyadh.

Scroll down for the photos!


My favorite Bluetooth Speaker Right Now!

May 08, 2018

Kevler, the leader in professional audio systems, moves into a new frontier. From powering concerts and large-scale events with their top-of- the-line speakers, amplifiers, mixers and microphones, Kevler now brings the crisp, clear, professional sound to your home through its newest home theater entertainment systems and ranges. Enjoy superb audio quality in the comfort of your home.

In a recent presentation of the wide range of Kevler products in a simulated home environment held in a two-bedroom suite at the B-Hotel in Quezon City that offers a fresh design concept and “Instagrammable” interiors; Jonathan Fabian, president of Digital Focus, the local distributor of Kevler said: “Kevler has always strived to deliver an impressive sound through the latest, state-of- the-art technology. We believe that good, quality sound helps to complete any experience – whether you’re at a concert or event, or at home enjoying a simple sound trip or movie.”
My favorite from them is the bluetooth speaker! It has the option if you want to play music via bluetooth or aux cord! Plus, it also has an FM Radio whenever you run out of data for your spotify or just to discover music from your city.
For the design, I love the combination of black and yellow, which gives it a rugged design which it actually is. It's very durable plus it's splash proof!
Another thing I love about it is you can answer calls by just pressing a button. It has a built-in mic so you don't have to pick up the phone when answering calls.
When it comes to playing music, it has a very loud and clear sound! It's not surround sound, but it is loud. Playback time is up to 4 hours(bluetooth), but longer when playing with aux.

For more information, visit www.digitalfocus.com.ph. Kevler products are available nationwide at Ansons Emporium, the SM Department Store, Imperial Appliance, Gaisano Mall, Metro Gaisano Department Store, the Electronics Boutique, SM Supermarket, Savers Appliance, CSI Appliance, LYR Group, NCCC and Solidmark.

Achieve the Vintage Look for your Photos!

May 02, 2018

Hey Guys! If you follow me on Instagram (@JosephTabor), you'll see my posts and IG Stories with some vintage feel to it. I've always loved that look and currently there are lots of mobile apps that you could use to get that look. 
But here are my favorites to achieve that vintage looking stories and photos!

Feica Cam - I like this better than Huji, Gudak, or some other analog photo apps because once you take the photos, you get a preview of photos with all the filters. (Super Fast!)

8MM - I really love the vintage feels of this app. There are around 8-10 vintage filters available plus the jitter button gives that authentic old look.

Afterlight 2 - the dust effect on this app is high quality and blends really well with the photo! Plus you have the option which size to save your photo.

So there you go! Here are just some of the apps I'm currently using for that vintage looking photos and videos! If you have any questions, DM me or comment down below!