Why I started using Wireless Earphones + June Music Favorites!

June 04, 2018

I just made the switch to using wireless earphones today, and I am really happy about it! Before, I've always thought using wireless headphones is just the same with using wired earphones, but I was wrong! Here are some of my thoughts!


I never knew this till I started using wireless. With wired earphones, the cable kept getting caught on door handles, or even your hands when you're walking or running that could even cause your earphones to break. And let's not forget how annoying it is when wires are tangled just when your'e about to use it!

After using wireless earphones, I have never felt the freedom compared to using wired earphones. No more wires getting caught, or wires getting tangled, and I can actually move more compared to being chained to a wire.


You could actually look stylish with the modern design that most brands have now. They come in different colors and some are even customizable for that personal touch. The cheapest I've seen ranges from Php 1,000-1,500 and it sounded really good.


I've always thought that wired earphones sounds better than wireless. It's actually true! But, the technology nowadays is getting more advanced that they actually sounds the same or better!

This is the wireless earphones that I'm currently using from JBL! . It's priced at Php1,999

Yesterday - June 4, 2018, JBL Philippines launched their first celebrity endorser which is Gretchen Ho to represent the brand and further strengthen JBL's proposition as hip, fun, and exciting lifestyle audio brand. From being one of the most loved Filipino volleyballs players to becoming a fast-rising host and multimedia personality, Gretchen Ho best represents the brand with her flexible personality and lifestyle.

JBL have products that are tailored for every lifestyle.Fitness fans can expect new sports earphones especially mad for specific sports. Partyphiles can dare to expect JBL speakers to bring music to life with new product designs and features. Lastly, JBL will delight the travel enthusiasts with the future of convenient listening - the wireless audio.

Spotify JUNE PLAYLIST. - and to enjoy your music experience, here are some songs that I'm sure I'll be listening for the month of June!

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