Get a Fresh Perspective!

June 22, 2018

This afternoon, I attended the Seattle's Best Coffee event. It was such an artsy afternoon because all the guests were able to design our own tumbler. I love events like this where it's intimate and you actually do something nice. 

But the highlight of the event was the artist Anina Rubio. If you've been to SM Aura and have seen paintings on the wall, that's her work. Anina had a live artwork while we design our own as well. The live artwork was interactive as she let us paint and be a part of the live artwork as well. I've been a frustrated painter since I was a kid but painting was really not for me! Haha! 

Tips for a Fresh Perspective?

  • Look at things with someone else's point of view. Think like a child, an old lady, or whatever you could think of, and all these different ideas will pop in your head.
  • Analyze Things! Look at even the smallest of details you could see. With practice, you'll be able to learn how small things change someone's view.
  • Experiment! Try a new hair color! Try on clothes you've never worn! As long as you keep on trying different things, the more broad your thoughts will get.

Here are some photos from the event.

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