Where To Eat in Megamall & Podium!

April 26, 2018

OMG! Today, my friends and I went to a Barangay Hall somewhere in Mandaluyong, but I will not get into details with that!
What I'll be talking more for this post are food I've eaten the whole day. These are cheap discoveries and they're really really good!
We spent the afternoon at this tea house called Khun Thai Tea(Megamall). It's one of the cheapest milk tea I've tried, plus it tastes really good!
It has that authentic thai milk tea, close enough, but it will do for its price at 85php for a large cup! They have fruit teas as well,
but I ordered the Thai Milk Tea.

For dinner, we went to Tori Chizu, it's a newly opened japanese inspired fast food restaurant in Megamall. I am not paid to say this
but YOU SHOULD VISIT this place! You're getting more than what you paid for. Their prices starts at 145Php for a rice meal. I find it really affordable
for an everyday meal compared to just having a fried chicken from a fastfood chain.

I odered their Broth-Less Ramen(119Php)! It was really interesting because it's a ramen with no soup. Surprisingly, it was good!

For our desserts, we headed to Cinnabon - Podium. It's such a cool place to chill because there is not much people at this mall.
I got the number 2 in their Perfect Pairings--a cup of latte and a plate of minichocobon for 125Php.

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